Our Favorite 2021 Interior Design Trends

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A new year is on the horizon and with so many of us spending more time at home than ever before, updating and refreshing your space may be high on your resolutions. The past year has certainly played its role in which trends have come to the forefront with nature coming indoors, the emergence of touchable textures and a love for nostalgia – all core elements topping the list of trends.

Finding your favourites amongst the latest interior design trends is a great way to give your home a fresh new look so we’re rounding up the best interior design trends for 2021.

Natural Greens

Whilst the nation’s favourite colour may be blue, we’re seeing a surge of natural greens becoming more popular than ever before. It could be that we’re craving a bit of nature indoors and bringing the outside in is never a bad idea.

Consider updating your kitchen cabinets with a warm forest shade or using it on all four walls of your hallway for a nest-like feel as soon as you open the door. Team these green shades with natural wood furniture, plenty of texture and a dash of warm metallics for an inviting organic feel in your home.

Earth Colours

Speaking of nature and still rising in popularity from 2020 is the introduction of warm earth shades. From deep terracotta to sunshine yellow, pale peach shades and soft taupes and browns, these softer shades envelope us and nurture when times are more uncertain.

Whilst grey still has a stronghold as the go-to neutral, consider trying a warmer ivory or soft taupe for your walls or bring in a bit of sunshine with rust-coloured cushions or a camel leather chair.

Modern Curves

Modern Curves

Image: Ferm Living

Rounded shapes have been big news in interiors and their popularity isn’t waning. While rounded shapes in furniture has been a big trend for a couple of years, expect to see more wavy and arch shapes in everything from mirrors to candles to coat hooks and more.

Love the look? Take it to your walls to create rounded shapes in block colours or paint a wavy border around the ceiling of your room like this design by Emma Jane Palin.


Kate Baxter Fabric of My Life - Japandi Style

Image: Kate Baxter Fabric of My Life

A meeting of the minimalist and utility chic of Japanese design with the natural elements and clean simple lines of Scandi interiors. For those craving a clean and simple look, Japandi style blends the best qualities of both distinct looks to create something warm, uncluttered and understated.

Choose pale neutral wood for this look in combination with natural elements and look out for sustainable design choices like bamboo to really bring the ethos of Japandi style home.


St Ives dresser

A nostalgic rose-tinted look on the past, Cottagecore embraces home in all of its elements. From spending Sundays perfecting sourdough bread to trying your hand at cross-stitch, this is less a look and more of a lifestyle.

However, it does come home in vintage touches, warm textiles like tartan and florals and upcycling old favourites. With this look, comfort plays a key element so look out for layered prints, traditional motifs and a more-is-more mentality.

Matt Plaster Finishes

Image: Ferm Living

Forget glitz and gloss, this year is all about the calming softness of matt finishes. Warm to the touch and with a look that embraces the hand of the maker, expect to see more ceramics and plaster without heavy glazing.

Embrace the look with terracotta planters or stone-effect vases, lamps and mugs, all of which add another layer of texture to your abode.

Rattan & Woven Cane

Image: Sweetpea & Willow

The 70s boho trend is still going strong from last year and so expect to see even more pieces in rattan and woven cane in our interiors. From furniture with rattan accents to woven baskets, cane shelving and wicker storage pieces, these pieces add additional texture and nostalgia to your home and work well with the earthy colours spoken about above.

Dried Flowers & Grasses

Image: Rose & Grey

Another connection with nature, we’re seeing more dried flowers and grasses coming indoors with lots of smaller businesses specialising in more unusual finds. Whether you go for large pampas grasses or delicate clouds of dried flowers, this trend adds natural colour and texture to your home and will last far longer than fresh flowers.

Love the look? You can dry your own flowers and grasses at home – after foraging, simply arrange into a bouquet, tie together at the stems and leave hanging upside down for 2-3 weeks

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